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Integrated Package Software Applications

Separate software applications that are meant to share data and functionality between them. This very much the paradigm the Apple Watch and iPhone work within. Other examples Microsoft Works, Lotus eSuite Workplace and AppleWorks.

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Groupware is a form of general purpose software that aids in collaboration. An example of this could be Google Docs when a team is collaborating on a document in realtime. Asana could also be lumped into this category. Sharepoint and Google Sites are other SaaS that could fit in this category.

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Function-specific Application Software

General Purpose Application software is the likes of Microsoft Office and specifically Microsoft Excel. Function-specific application software is typically that software that is tailored to an industry. Many engineering and financial applications fall into this category. An example would be a software for managing your stock portfolio.

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Fifth Generation Programming Languages

Prolog, OPS5, and Mercury are examples of fifth-generation languages

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