3 Attributes Steve Jobs Embodied As A Product Developer

3 Attributes Steve Jobs Embodied As A Product Developer

Steve Jobs is famously quoted as saying “You can’t just ask customer’s what they want and then try to give that to them. By the time you get it built, they’ll want something new.”


Product Development is an art set apart from the related engineering, software development, and design disciplines that it is made up of. Steve knew this and embodied 3 attributes that allowed him to seem like an oracle of the tech industry.

Trust Your Intuition

Market research is not going to give you all of the answers and validation that you need to move forward with a product.  An experienced product developer needs to trust their gut.  If you know a product will be a hit in the marketplace, move forward unabashedly.

Unwavering Tenacity

Critics are plentiful in the product development space.  Often times you will find that they are people who have never created anything themselves.  Press forward and don’t let anything, budget, or otherwise stop you from transmuting your idea.

A Bit of Balls

Lastly, the chutzpah to stick with an idea and bring it market against all odds is one of the top overlooked factors in bringing a product to market.