Is Your App Ready For The Apple Watch ?

Is Your App Ready For The Apple Watch ?

The release date for the Apple Watch has only been officially announced as early 2015.  That leaves margin for release all the way until about June.  According to an article from TechRadar the Taiwanese manufacturers say release could be in February of 2015, but their guess is more like the Spring of 2015.


Regardless of when that inevitable date is, your app will need to be read.  Here are a few of the the features your app should take advantage of maintain relevance in the new watch powered world.


Minor Notifications

In order to not bombard users with notifications, the ability to notify a user with a subtle notification has been invented.  This notification is a brief vibration that targets the users wrist.  This gives the user the ability to easily ignore or check the notification depending on if they have the time.


Health Information

If there is any health component to your app, an Apple Watch app counterpart is essential.  The data you will be able to synergize with is unfathomable.

Minimum Version of Your App

For marketing purposes alone having a minimized version of your app available in the Apple Store under the Apple Watch section will bring your app impressions and notoriety.

Do you have an Apple Watch app that you are working on that uses any of these features?  Let us know in the comments.