Every minute is a training

Every minute is a training

You spend each day in the old grind. Like Ground Hog’s Day, each day starts and ends the same way. The monotony is so safe, yet so mediocre. You are screaming inside for a way to breakthrough the mediocrity of life and begin ascending in purpose.

Welcome to Goalability, an app that will help you progress your life perpetually in 70 day increments. An app that focuses not on pushing you ahead in a single area of your life, but every aspect of your life. Focusing on a single aspect of your life like fitness may help you blow off some steam with your relationship problems for the duration of that 40 minute run, but when you get back home, it will all be waiting there for you.

The accountability of your network can help cheer you on through this process of goal attainment. According to totallyfitlife.com A goal that is pursued with the help of an accountability partner is 10 times as likely to be accomplished than if pursued alone.

Are you too busy to remember to advance these important life goals? No problem, Goalability offers life coaching services to give you daily motivation and recommendations.

Beginning in June 2014 this free app will be available for download in the Apple App Store. Contact Us for more info.