How To Decrease App Churn

How To Decrease App Churn

Decrease App Churn

The intent to decrease app churn or the app download attrition rate should be one of the key focuses of any mobile app company.

How To Decrease App Churn Rate

Maintaining a vibrant community of users who are engaged and actively using your app is critical. Decreasing the churn rate of your app is easy by following a few key axioms.

  • Content That Changes Often: Users need fresh and new.  They are used to facebook and Instagram and so your app should have content that changes often. It doesn’t necessarily have to have an embedded social network, but it should have new content in the form of news and updates.
  • Push Notifications:  Push notifications are a great way to remind your user base that your app is still installed on their phone.  Often, it is just the push users need to get back and engaged with your app.
  • Community Building:  As mentioned before, a social networking component doesn’t need to be embedded in your app necessarily, but it definitely helps to keep users engage.  There are many less complex methods use social networking buy piggy backing off of the Facebook SDK for example.


Monitor Your Progress

Using Google Analytics is a great way to determining if your attrition rate is moving in the right direction.  Google Analytics is not only for websites anymore and with some simple integration can track everything going on inside your app.


Have you had experience growing an active user base over a sustained amount of time?  Let us know in the comments.