Acquiring Users To Sell Products On Instagram

Acquiring Users To Sell Products On Instagram

This is reader’s digest version of a ground breaking post on growing your Instagram Community. Austen Allred explains in great detail how he helped a friend sell $4,000 worth of neckties in a single day!

Know Your Audience

The first step is to get in the mind of the individuals who make up your target audience. Think about what they do, what they wear, and where they congregate. Knowing these details will help you in the next step.

What Are They Talking About ?

Search Instagram for the keywords and hashtags that you identified based on the market segment questions you just answered. Find the top keywords that will lead to a large and potentially profitable community.

Add Images Based On Hashtags

In your own profile add beautiful and compelling images that will resonate with your new found community.

Linking To Your Website

Instagram does not allow links in posts, so the standard is to add the link you are trying to promote in your profile. Users now know to look there when you attract their attention as a potential conversion.

Follow and Like Your Audience Members

Go back to where your identified market segment is Instagraming and follow influencers and interesting profiles. After you follow them, like their top 3 photos. This will prompt them to follow you more often than not. This will grow your following on Instagram and give you a megaphone to promote your awesome product with.

Have you had major success with Instagram, let us know your recipe in the commments.