Top 3 Mobile Apps That Make You Money

Top 3 Mobile Apps That Make You Money

Top 3 Mobile Apps That Make You Money

Mobile apps that make you money are growing more and more popular due to their ability to generate a small profit with the leftover time and effort you have available.  Here are the 5 most popular of those mobile apps that you can get in the App Store:

Field Agent

Field Agent is an app that we think has really great potential. It is used by some big names like CocaCola and Johnson & Johnson to gather realtime research data. For you, the app downloader and field agent there are some significant cash rewards to be made. Tasks completed pay anywhere from $3 to $12. This isn’t bad for scanning a price of an item at a store or take a survey.

Nielsen Home Scan

Nielsen Home Scan an app that facilitates the work of the Nielsen Consumer Panel, is an app that pays you in the form of points, sweepstakes and discounts. The program requires you to sign up through the sign to be considered for the panelist position.


i-Say is a mobile app that pays you to take surveys. It seems that the app paid actual cash at one time, but has moved to offering points for products as specified here. This fact doesn’t make the app as desirable, but again away to earn for app usage.


Our top pic for apps that make you money is field agent.  It is the only one of these apps to offer cash and not rewards.  It also has a decent payout, relative to the difficulty of the tasks they are asking. It is definitely an app to look into.