3 Big Time Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make While Personal Branding

3 Big Time Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make While Personal Branding

Personal Branding for Entrepreneurs

Personal branding for entrepreneurs has become a buzzword in the content marketing since high quality content has become an important component of Google’s page rank algorithm since the Panda Update in 2011.

Here are 3 of the biggest mistakes entrepreneurs are making in the personal branding arena:

Being Disingenuous

This is rule #1. The cream rises to the top.  Users can smell a fake a mile away.  Above all, be genuine, create great content first and foremost as a means of launching your personal brand.  Here are some good examples of personalities with genuine personal brands:


Avoiding Critical Social Channels

This is something that many new entrepreneurs make when setting out to personal brand.  They see the success of those personal brands that they follow on Facebook and Twitter, but they ignore the lesser known channels that got them those likes and retweets.  Here are some critical social channels your personal brand MUST promote on:


Failure To Understand Who Your Audience Is

How personal branding entrepreneurs expect to build an audience and do so completely blind to who would follow them, always astonishes me.  Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools are essential for this.  With these tools you can see the search terms and keyword which visitors are using to arrive at your blog. You can tune your content to resonate with your audience and become that ultra relevant personal brand that everyone is dying to be.