10 Mobile Apps For Entrepreneurs

10 Mobile Apps For Entrepreneurs

Mobile Apps For Entrepreneurs

Mobile apps for entrepreneurs are very well known to people in all communities.  Their utilities to the freelancer are invaluable. You could say they are a remote worker’s Swiss Army knife.


Evernote is a critical mobile app for entrepreneurs, which should be in the tool belt of the worker with out the comforts of an office. The reason being is that its documentation, indexing, and search capabilities are unmatched. Evernote tracks your tasks by location which let’s you know all the different places you have traveled and what you have done at those locations. Going back and remembering everything that you have done throughout the day is critical for staying organized.


Asana helps you track tasks for your many projects. As a virtual worker with a remote office, it is likely that you were not only working on a single project. Asana has an insanely great ability to track a lot of tasks for a lot of different projects, between a lot of different people. Its ability to be a replacement for e-mail is one of the most important results of using this mobile app for entrepreneurs. Asana has other features like being able to keep track of brainstorming as well as act as a task oriented calendar. It goes beyond what Google tasks or Apple reminders can do for you.


Working remotely, you’re working off of a laptop and with your mobile phone. The ability to share and persist documents and files in the cloud becomes paramount in this use case. The ability to share files put into the cloud is another key feature that dropbox just plain excels at.


Skype is a great platform for staying in touch and communicating with colleagues and coworkers. Its ability to work in many form factors including mobile and desktop makes it the ideal communication platform. The Skype phone number can come in handy when needing to forward calls as well.


Whether you are on an Android or iOS device Mac or PC, Gmail is the undisputed Champion of e-mail. Its search capability on the iPhone is better than the native mail app. If you use the last for business, you can use your own domain with Gmail, and you will really have a well oiled remote operation.


You may be wondering why we included Spotify, but working remote is not about monotony. You have to wire in sometimes and focus on the task with a soundtrack.  There is no better way to really focus on a critical project than to turn on your favorite Spotify radio station and get lost for a few hours.


“If this then that” is a far less well-known at then any of the other mobile apps for entrepreneurs that we have mentioned so far, but its power is unbelievable. It has the ability to orchestrate logic between so many different web apps, and is a marvel of web 3.0. IFTTT allows you to set conditions for apps that you commonly use, and trigger events based off those conditions. For example, if you receive an e-mail from a certain person you may want to generate a Twitter message to the world. This is the bread and butter of IFTTT.

Google Hangouts

Another communication outlet, but is very useful for bridging the gap between your Gmail contacts in your mobile device. It is for this capability that we have included the hangouts app.


As a remote worker, you are always in search of the next lead or business opportunity. LinkedIn is the de facto platform for Jobs and business connections. Make a goal of adding a few new contacts a day, and your work queue will never shrink.


Goalability is a new mobile app for entrepreneurs, which uses social accountability and life coaching to help you achieve your goals in all the main categories of your life. It is essential for helping you stay on track in your goal management throughout the hectic remote work day. It allows you to cheer on other members of your team as they work towards achieving their goals daily as well. (Full Disclosure, I am a co-founder of the Goalability app.).