Do Free Apps Make Money ?

Do Free Apps Make Money ?

Free Apps Make Money, It’s True

Free apps make money, the legend is true. It is why there so many free apps available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

There are a few ways that this happens. In this article I will outline both direct and indirect ways that you can generate money from mobile apps.

Direct Revenue Generation

Direct revenue generating techniques consist of ways that payout immediately to your bank account when a transaction (click) occurs.

iAd banners and Google Mobile Ads are the best example of this.

In App Purchases
These are in line with the freemium model of mobile revenue generation. They lure users into your app because it is free and only charges a user for premium features available for purchase.

Indirect Revenue Generation

Community Building
This technique will pay you in time in the form of potential conversion. With an audience you can put revenue generating content and offers out to users with the possibility that they could convert in the future.